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Advanced treatments

IPL Photorejuvenation

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology works by delivering an arc of intense light energy that penetrates the skin without harming the surface. This process shatters brown or red pigment so that it can be dispersed naturally by the body’s lymphatic system. This treatment improves your overall skin tone and texture whilst treating conditions such as rosacea, age spots, thread veins, sun damage, and general skin tone irregularities.

Full face  £170
Half face £100

Acne AC Dual Treatment

AC Dual Treatment utilizes Intense Pulsed Light technology to deliver direct bursts of blue and red light onto targeted areas of the skin. Both the blue and the red light have acne fighting capabilities. The blue light targets and eliminates the acne causing bacteria, while the longer wavelength of the red light significantly reduces inflammation on the targeted area.

Full face £140
Half face £80
Chest £140
Shoulders or upper back £140

Multi-Polar Radio Frequency

Multipolar Radio Frequency is a non-invasive, heat energy treatment of the skin. The heat stimulates collagen deep in the skin causing contraction and new collagen formation over time. This results in firmer, tighter, and younger looking skin. Furthermore, it enhances overall repairing and strengthening of the skin, which contributes to the skin’s ability to heal and rejuvenate itself.

Face £100

Nano Fractional RF

The treatment delivers heat through the skin’s surface via pins that create tiny micro-dermal wounds, which awakens your body’s natural healing process by stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, resulting in a tighter, smoother-looking appearance.

Face £250


Tribella is a complete facial rejuvenation treatment, which combines three unique Venus Versa technologies for an anti-ageing treatment and a skin resurfacing – all in one.

Face £450